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Shanghai CoachChem Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech R&D chemical supplier located in the Jinshan Chemical Industry Park, Shanghai, China. Our company is engaged in researching, manufacturing, and marketing of various pharmaceutical intermediates as well as chemicals with high technology content. The quality of our products is guaranteed by the world-class research team, two R & D centers equipped with advanced facilities, and two workshops with high security specifications for kilogram scale production.

In addition, the CoachChem also provides a variety of catalysts which are widely applied in organic reactions. The catalysts shown in our product list could be provided in different scales while those not presented could be requested through customer synthesis. Moreover, we can offer technical support for catalysis of different reactions.

All kinds of collaborations are welcomed. We will always try our best to provide you the pharmaceutical intermediates, catalysts and ligands of high quality in up to kilogram amount. Our ultimate goal is "The expert of chemistry at your site”.


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