ChemSpider Webservices

Quick Overview

The ChemSpider webservices are a powerful suite of tools that provide access to many of the commonly used features of ChemSpider through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The webservices make it possible to enrich your Apps, your website, your in-house data systems and data workflow tools (e.g. KNIME, PipelinePilot) with data from ChemSpider.

Try our new APIs

We are working on an improved API service, and an Open Developer preview of our new APIs is accessible for testing at:

These new APIs provide access to the same data and search functionality as our legacy APIs, but via a clearer, better-structured API. We will be contacting all existing users of our old SOAP APIs with more information about the new APIs soon.

Legacy APIs

We have previously provided access to ChemSpider data through SOAP APIs, while these continue to be accessible for existing users, new users should consider using our new APIs. If you have need of details of how to use the legacy SOAP APIs these can be provided on demand by emailing